Mamali Shafahi Iran, b. 1982


Mamali Shafahi (b.1982, lives in Amsterdam and Paris) is a film-maker and video installation artist. His practice, varying from installation to sculpture and film, includes a deep fascination with the impact of emerging technologies on life and art. His early work in France, at the Paris-Cergy school of fine arts, focused on performance. He then produced a number of video installations, and his investigation of relationships between past, present, future and emerging technologies led to the V[i]Rology installation at the Mohsen Gallery, in 2017. From 2014 to 2017 he worked on an experimental docu-fiction film, Nature Morte, involving his parents as both actors and digital characters, screened at Art Rotterdam, in Taiwan and London. In 2019 he made an installation combining his father's drawings with his own installation, sculptures and the film for City Princes/ses at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. His VR projects, with Ali Eslami, have featured at Het nieuwe instituut, Rotterdam, the Vancouver Biennale, IDFA film festival in Amsterdam and CPH DOX, Copenhagen.

Untitled 03, 2021
Art Fairs

Mamli Shafahi (1982) b. Saveh, Iran



Art Rotterdam 2022 - Everyday Gallery, Booth 84, Rotterdam

CAN Ibiza 2022 - Booth A3, Presented by Everyday Gallery

Daddy Tissue - Everyday Gallery, Anwerp (Solo show)

Deep Throats: Go deeper - Galerie Mitterrand, Paris (Solo show)



Judgment Night: Daddy kills people - Parallel circuit, Tehran (Solo show)

Heirloom Velvet - Liste, Basel (Solo show)



nerd_funk; Impossible Bodies - with Ali Eslami, 's-Hertogenbosch (Solo show)

nerd_funk - with Ali Eslami, Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht (Solo show)



nerd_funk, with Ali Eslami - CPH DOX, Copenhagen (Solo show)

nerd_funk, with Ali Eslami - IDFA film festival, Amsterdam (Solo show)

nerd_funk, with Ali Eslami - Vancouver Biennale, Vancouver (Solo show)

Sacred hill, with Ali Eslami - Het nieuwe instituut, Rotterdam (Solo show)

City Prince/esses - Palais de Tokyo, Paris (Solo show)

When Legacies become debts - Mosaic Rooms, London (Solo show)



Nature Morte - Film screening, Taiwan Annual

Nature Morte - Film screening, Art Rotterdam



I’m not an Artist, I’m just a heart of coal - MMCA Changdong Residency, Seoul (Solo show)

V (i) R o l o g y - Mohsen Gallery, Tehran (Solo show)

Alternative Facts - Film screening, curated by Myriam Ben Salah, 221A, Vancouver

Fake News and Fake Science - Mohsen Gallery, Tehran (Solo show)



Centrefold - curated by Reza Aramesh, Sazman-Ab and Ab-Anbar projects, Tehran



The Underworld and its emergent effects - Dastan Basement, Tehran (Solo show)

Skip or the national - London

Public Art, Public Spaces; Iran - Stanford University CA



Broken SD - Dastan Basement Gallery, Tehran (Solo show)

For Export Only - curated by Narges Hamzianpour, Shulamit Gallery, Los Angeles



Daddy Sperm - Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris (Solo show)

Dixit - curated by Karin Schlageter, Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris



Occidental Icons - Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris (Solo show)

Iranian arts now - curated by Amirali Ghasemi, Cité internationale des arts, Paris



Good city for dreamers - Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris

With his multiple reflections he feels secure - Art Video Film Festival, Cannes



Wonderland (2,500 years celebration) - Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris (Solo show)

I. U. (Heart) -  The Third Line, Dubai



Mamali and his doves in art?! - Aaran Gallery, Tehran (Solo show)

Collection Dubai - curated by November Paynter, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam

Ashura - Aaran gallery, Tehran



Freedom - Performance with Behrouz Rae, Art Athina, Athens (Solo show)

Lion under the Rainbow - curated by Alexandros Georgiou, Athens

Urban Jalousie - biennial curated by Amirali Ghasemi, Istanbul and Berlin



Everybody needs a show - Journée de la performance, ENSA Paris-Cergy 

(Solo show)

Wochdom Gallery, Paris (Solo show)

Radical Drawing II - Tehran Gallery, Tehran

Karaoke Poetry - Performance with Alexandros Georgiou, Athens biennial, Athens



In search of stolen Jesus - Limoges (Solo show)



My magic box - Azad Gallery, Tehran (Solo show)



Eraser Head - 9th biennial of photography of Tehran





ENSAPC: École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris. Cergy, Paris, France




Photography. University of Art. Tehran, Iran