Daan Gielis Belgian, b. 1988


Daan Gielis’ (°1988) work explores the conflicts and contradictions in the emotional, communicative and social systems that together make up the world as we know it: happiness and sadness coinciding, a frustration of desire that only triggers new desire, an underground culture that stays authentic while selling out… Each of these systems is riddled by contradiction. And yet, precisely because of those internal contradictions these systems thrive, contrasting feelings feed off of each other, setting in motion a never-ending cyclical process from which no escape seems possible. No wonder then that so many of us are emotionally conflicted about present reality, struggling to find consistency. 


Gielis’ work often concentrates on what might be one of the most defining and influential systems: the human body. His artistic practice has, for one, been marked by the body’s resilience and more precisely by the question: how much can a body endure? Turning a personal experience around and looking outwards happened by means of exploring the paradox of embodiment and transience in digital society. Mama, je hoeft niet te huilen (2019) for example references both the artist’s mother - a professional floral arranger - as well as the generic emoji of a wilted rose. An easily accessible pictorial sign system, emoji have grafted themselves upon our everyday written communication. In fact, they have become an ubiquitous and inextricable part of our online conversations. And yet they tend to be incredibly vacuous, even gratuite. Like so, it embodies the paradox our social lives are caught up in: expressing a deeply personal story in an unforgivingly generic language.


Art Fairs

Daan Gielis (1988) b. Beringen, Belgium



Art Brussels 2022 - Booth E.16, Presented by Everyday Gallery

Le Dernier Combat - Kunstruimte, Willem Twee, the Netherlands



Triënnale van Brugge - Brugge, Belgium

Horst Festival, Brussels - Belgium

Group show Sint Niklaas - Belgium

De wereld is zo ontrouw - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (Solo show)



Time is on our side - Tongeren, Belgium

Duoshow - CCINQ, Brussels (Duo)

L'heure Blue - Plus One, Antwerp, Belgium

Limbo - Everyday gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Ballroom - Online initiative by BORG vzw

Wunderwall - Sofie van de Velde & Plus One, Antwerp, Belgium

Box - Online exhibition initiated by Kris van Dessel

Art Rotterdam - Everyday gallery/ MPV gallery, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Dew of the Sea - Alfstad & Editions, Sarasota, Florida



Sofreh - No Man's Art gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A phase like home - Singular Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Just Looking for attention - CIAP Kunstverein, Hasselt, Belgium

You won't get what you want - de Garage, Mechelen, Belgium (Solo show)

Hanging Hammers - de Gruyter Fabriek, s' Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Growlers, Cracklers & Bursters - CIAP Kunstverein, Hasselt, Belgium

In Real Life - Everyday gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Mama, je hoeft niet te huilen - Pulsar, Antwerp, Belgium (Solo show)



The gathering - Panthera.today, Brussels, Belgium

Scene Unseen - Castle Oud-Rekem, Rekem, Belgium

Open Studios - Antwerp, Belgium

Breach - Extra City, Antwerp, Belgium

Donnerwetterday - Luxor, Arnhem, the Netherlands



Places of ruin, Nest - The Hague, the Netherlands

Artbeat, collaboration with Koen van den Broek during Festival van Vlaanderen, Gent, Belgium

Talk to me in your language - Bernaerts, Antwerp, Belgium

Why Patterns? - Vleeshal, Middelburg, the Netherlands

Open Studios - Van Eyck, Maastricht, the Netherlands

So Far, So Real - Van Eyck, Maastricht, the Netherlands



Pakstad Limburg Prijs - Heerlen, the Netherlands

Mad Power, de warande - Turnhout, Belgium

Private room 2.0 - Gent, Belgium

Dopplereffect - Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium

Ten dans - CC Maasmechelen, Belgium

Unfair Amsterdam - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Antwerp Art Weekend - Hole of the Fox, Antwerp, Belgium



Unterseeboot über Malermeister, - CC Mechelen, Mechelen, Belgium 

No Blossom, No Moonlight - ExtraCity, Antwerp, Belgium

WGDD, W139, Amsterdam - the Netherlands

A cozy mystery with bite - Greylight projects, Brussels, Belgium

TRASH - Hasselt, Belgium

Art traces across the western front - Ieper, Belgium

It could be the goldfish is mistaking the bowtie for a football - Boetzelaer-Nispen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Antwerp Art weekend - Group show, Antwerp, Belgium



Citadel'Arte (w MUHKA) - Diest, Belgium

Auction MDD, Museum Dhont Daenens - Deurle, Belgium

(MDD) Night Shop - Group show, Knokke, Belgium

UnfairAmsterdam 2014 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Kunstvlaai with Apice for Artists - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Interpunction #7 - Tatjana Pieters gallery, Ghent, Belgium



Wild Horses & Trojan Dreams - Marres, Maastricht, the Netherlands

First we take the Hague, then we take Berlin, Belgian Consulate the Hague (Z33), the Hague, the Netherlands

Young Masters - Het glazen huis, Lommel, Belgium

Art Attack - Hasselt, Belgium

NOT for sale - ArtandAdvice, Hasselt, Belgium

Open studio - Bonnefanten atelier, Hasselt, Belgium

The static also is electric - deSERVICEGARAGE, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Friends & Neighbors - atelier Koen van den Broek (curated by Wouter Davidts), Merksem, Belgium

Toutestfini - Hasselt, Belgium



Young Guns - Hajke Müsstege gallery, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Kunstvlaai - Oud Lyceum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Groupshow - Arti Capelli gallery, s' Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Reconverse # 3 - Casino, Beringen, Belgium
No Movement - CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
The other, first year final show - s' Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Bienvenue, Manifesta Parallel - Genk, Belgium
Leaving for a Living, Manifesta Parallel - Genk, Belgium
Open Studio - Sint Joost, s' Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands


Face/Off, Sint Joost - s' Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
In Out, In Out - Vanbuel home, Brussels, Belgium
New Times, New Heroes, design fair - Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy
Morning Glory - Tzarart gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
I think you're beautiful, beautiful - CC Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium


XXI - into dada - Arteventuno gallery, Hasselt, Belgium
Fris VIII - Jan Colle gallery, Gent, Belgium
PIHNDY - CIAP, Hasselt, Belgium
DANNY DONDER - CIAP, Hasselt, Belgium
5th International Student Triennial - Marmara University, Istanbul
Interventie - Emile van Doren museum, Genk, Belgium
Wunderkammer - Arteventuno Gallery, Genk, Belgium
Center of Mass - Lokaal01, Antwerp, Belgium



DANNY DONDER - Z33, Hasselt, Belgium
Bachelorexpo 2009 - PHL, Hasselt, Belgium
White Boxes - Arteventuno gallery, Genk, Belgium
Traject H, Hasselt, Belgium
Expo, (DANNY DONDER) - Jeugdhuis Lummen, Lummen, Belgium
De keuze van Koen van den Broek, Indian Caps gallery, Antwerp, Belgium



Kunst in het moederhuis - Hasselt, Belgium





Jan van Eyck academy, Maastricht, the Netherlands



HBO Master Autonomous Fine Arts, Sint-Joost, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands


Master in Fine Arts, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium

Bachelor in Fine Arts, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium