Apartamento Magazine — Serban Ionescu

Print Feature, December 31, 2019

Serban Ionescu featured in Apartamento Magazine issue #24 available for purchase on apartamentomagazine.com.


Alongside Serban it Features: Xavier Dolan, Marine Serre, Jessi Reaves, Lykke Li, Rafram Chaddad, Patrick Angus, Ron Nagle, Oscar Tusquets, Alekos Fassianos, 321 Gallery, Ted Muehling, Michael Nyman, ‘Mark Lebon: a story about a house’ by Carmen Hall & Frank Lebon, Ben Kelly & Clare Cumberlidge, Serban Ionescu, Cecilia Chiang, Peter Stutchbury, and Kenneth Ize.

Plus: Living in the present, a conversation between Jack Self, Stephanie Macdonald, and Vinca Petersen.


For more information on the Brooklyn-based artist Serban click here.