Visual Atelier 8 — Orson Oxo Van Beek & Quinten Mestdagh

September 25, 2020

Orson Oxo Van Beek & Quinten Mestdagh featured on Visual Atelier 8.


Click to see the exhibition 'LIMBO' in which the artworks where exhibited.


"The inspiration initially started with research into classical ornamental furniture periods such as the Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance, to name a few. Both Orson and Quinten have a fascination with ornamental and decorative furniture and questioned why there is such an absence of excessive decorations within contemporary design. This collection aimed to create a collection of unfamiliar decorative furniture that touches the boundaries between aesthetics and functionality. As a result of this, they transitioned themselves as modern-day craftsmen by a time-consuming design process that reflects itself within the decorated embellishments." 


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