Elsa Rouy English, b. 2000


Elsa Rouy is an artist from Sittingbourne, Kent who now lives and works in London. Currently completing her BA Hons in Painting at Camberwell College of the arts. She creates artwork that takes a female gaze on sex, its anxiety and pleasure: focusing on snapshot intimate moments that become sexual between the main subject and their surroundings. She plays around with depictions of female and male genitalia, making paintings of figures with their sexual organs revealed, using these as a way to navigate anxieties that come with having, and being conscious of, a body. The paintings also denote to themes of emotional illusion and trepidation between people, highlighted through sexual intercourse. Her work focuses on bodily fluids such as semen, milk, urine, sweat and saliva and their wetness, using the imagery to focus on their involvement during sex as there are parallels between emotions when confronted with such fluids, there is a repulsion towards them when not involved in intercourse, contrary to this, during sex the same fluids that repulse us become alluring. Elsa’s main aim is to include the viewer as a voyeuristic counterpart within an erotic scene that feels personal rather than pornographic. Ensnaring the viewer with an initial feeling of comfort, intrigue and excitement, then permeating the security with a subconscious reaction of repulsion and uneasiness.

Dangers of dependency, 2020


CACOTOPIA - Annka Kultys, London 



A Demon in a Sundress - Guts Gallery, London (Solo show)

Brain Food Charity Auction - The Auction Collective, London

Reality Check - Guts Gallery, London

Don't Go South - Studio Berkheim, Stuttgart

I Have My Eye On You - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp

A New Art World - Guts Gallery, London

Introducing - The Shop at Sadie Coles HQ, London

For The Many Not The Few - Guts Gallery, London
When Shit Hits the Fan Again - Guts Gallery, London



Platform - Unit London - London (Solo show)

Plastic doesn’t sweat - Guts Gallery, London (Solo show)

Limbo - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp
Begin Again - Guts Gallery, London 
When spiders unite they can tie down a lion - Daniel Raphael Gallery, London

Drawn Together - Unit London, London

No time like the present - Public Gallery, London 
Guts Gallery Claps back - Guts Gallery, London
When shit hits the fan - Guts Gallery, London

Don’t Panic - Southwark Park Galleries, London


End of year show - Camberwell College of Arts, London