Arnaud Eubelen Belgium, b. 1991


Arnaud Eubelen – Liège, Belgium, 1991 - works in the no-man’s land between sculpture and design, questioning our assumptions leading from concepts to objects and the measure to which construction material are taken for granted, re-appropriating and re-valuing the various industrial building-stones of our world by shifting their use and context to highlight the intrinsic qualities and values.

By sensibly re-wiring and re-writing the urban context that surrounds us through different material layers with their own narratives and lives, he views the streets of our man-made world we live in as hardware stores or a ‘matériotheque’ as he puts it.

Through the realization of supposedly day to day objects of use with his distinctively different approach, deliberately disrespecting the established codes towards materials and their intended use, his practice leads to a body of works pertaining to the world of design but build from repurposed industrial redundancies, creating unique objects with particular identities bridging gaps between art and luxury to the industrialized world.


Basement to Rooftop, 2020


COLLECTIBLE Fair - Presented by Everyday Gallery, Brussels, BE



Parts - Victor Hunt Gallery, Bruxelles (Solo show)

Lemme - Medusa Gallery, Brasserie Atlas, Bruxelles

Meating Point - Panamax, Liège

WIDESCAN - Triennal Art Public Liège




Porous Walls Reminiscence - Neuer Aachener Kunstverein NAK,

Aachen (Solo show)

Aporeei - booth design in collaboration with fashion designer Beata Modrzynska, Warsawa

He Drank Us - Opening installation for VeryContemporary meeting day, MHKD, Sittard

Split Lift - with Joris Perdieus, C5, Brussels

To smooth The furrowed Brow - B32, Maastricht

Biennal van Belgïe - installation with La Superette Collective, Floralienhal SMAK, Gent

Summer Solstice Festival - Chateau nour, Komplot, Brussels

Contemporary Design Market CDM - Tour&taxi, Brussels

Roof as Throne - Brussel Art Design BAD, Floralienhal, Gent

What's behind - Collectible, espace VandenBorght, Bruxelles



He Drank Me - with Eva L'Hoest  Michael Debatty, Les Brasseurs, Liège

Turnaround - with Lisa Meyer - Space Collection, Liège

The Chapel - with Brice Dreessen, Collectible, espace VandenBorght,

Bruxelles (Duo)



Living Technique - Galerie Central, Liège(Solo show)

Chambre - prize of the young sculpture of Wallonia Brussels federation, CWAC, Flémalle

Ruinenwert Experiment - installation with Eva L’Hoest, The Living Room XL, AAIR Antwerpen

Granular Cloud and Magical Wand - Diesel Project Space, AAIR Antwerpen

After affects - with Eva L'Hoest and Thomas Depas, AAIR Antwerpen

Interior with a view - installation, Les Brasseurs, Belgium



Ruinenwert - photography installation, La Superette Studio, Liège

Garage à Voiture - ExtraBal, Musée Saint Georges, Liège

Slippery Floor - photography installation, Oasis group show, Galerie Central, Liège

Fac-Similé - photography installation, Galerie Satellite, Liège



Opening of the art space La Superette as founder member, Belgium






Artist in residence at AAIR Antwerpen, Anvers, Belgium





Freelance design practice and movie decoratio @ La Superette Studio, Belgium



Master degree in Industrial Design, ENSAV La Cambre, Bruxelles, Belgium



Internship at Robert Stadler Studio, Paris, France