Xolo Cuintle French


Under the entity Xolo Cuintle, Romy Texier and Valentin Vie Binet imagine spaces at the border between a dream and a simulacrum. In an undefinable timing, these spaces characterized themselves as a deserted domestic, in a permanent state of latency. Between furniture and sculpture, a set or intimate space, their construction is a meticulous assembly where the furnishings can be considered either as a sculpture or a pedestal. There is a presence of intimacy of this architecture, where the object is ideally placed according to their gaze and live in a state of serenity.

I to you, 2021


Beatus - group show curated by Lisa Boostani - Poush Manifesto, Clichy 

Worst Case Scenario - group show curated by Chloe Bonnie More, Paris

Head Office - Poush Manifesto, Clichy



The Ghost Between the Guest and the Host - curated by Laurent & Raphael Gia, Poush Manifesto, Clichy

Waiting Room - Poush Manifesto, Clichy
LIMBO - group show curated by Leo Lopez, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp
Home Theatre Saison 4 : La Salle à Manger - Manufacture des Gobelins, Paris

Exhibition for the launch of Feu magazine N°2Glassbox, Paris
Home Theatre Saison 2 : Le Salon - Manufacture des Gobelins, Paris
Tumulus -group show  curated by Leo Lopez, Everyday Gallery, Anvers
Crash group show for the launch of Temple Magazine N°8, 35fsd - Paris
Exhibition for the enclosure of Revue Tintamarre - Peinture Fraîche, Bruxelles

Exhibition/Party Indépendance Day - Bildung at Duperré, Paris



Home Theatre Saison 1 : Le Cabinet - Manufacture des Gobelins, Paris

Exhibition for the launch of Temple Magazine N°7 - Glassbox, Paris
Savoir Faire Savoir - Galerie des Galeries, Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Scenography for the performance Carte Blanche à Zoé Guédard - L’invitation au musée, Centre National de la Danse, Pantin