Marria Pratts Spanish, b. 1988


Marria Pratts is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice exudes an uninhibited, spontaneous spirit. Her artistic output includes a repertoire of decidedly varied formats. Drawing, painting, sculpture, carpets, furniture and fanzines combine playful energy with a bright and optimistic colour palette. Within the apparent cacophony of her paintings, a series of recurring motifs—clocks, faces, hands, ladders and the ubiquitous ghosts—emerge as representatives of encounters from her meanderings through the city. Entering her L’Hospitalet home and studio is like stepping into one of her paintings. She takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings: the streets, the people who inhabit them and her close circle of friends and regular collaborators, including photographers, designers and musicians. Her work can be read as a defiance of our social structures, the contradictions that permeate the urban landscape and the challenges of living in places under the constant threat of gentrification.


Marria Pratts studied graphic design at the Escola Massana, Barcelona, but is largely self-taught. She has had solo shows at Everyday Gallery, Brussels (2021), and SADE Gallery, Los Angeles (2019), and group shows at Tecla Sala, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (2021), and Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, Los Angeles (2020). Her work also featured in Punk: Its Traces in Contemporary Art, which took place at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid; MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona; and Artium, Vitoria (2015–2016).

Melted Clock, Seen in Hong Kong, 2023
Art Fairs

Marria Pratts (1988) b. Barcelona, Spain



Art Brussels 2023 - Everyday Gallery, Booth 6B-22, Brussels, Belgium (Solo booth)

Tokyo Gendai 2023 - Carl Kostyál Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

WELCOME TO MY GARDEN - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (Solo show)



1 Possession Drift - Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona (Solo show)

I love u freestyle - Ruttkowski;68, Cologne (Solo show)



Lil Ghost Say Hello - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp (Solo show) 

8FANTASMESX1PAISATGE - Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona (Solo show) 

Local Fantasy - MACBA, Barcelona

Art Rotterdam - booth by Everyday Gallery, Rotterdam

Notes For an Eye Fire. Panorama 21 - MACBA, Barcelona



LIMBO act II - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp

LIMBO - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp

Punk. His traces in contemporary art - MACBA, Barcelona

CA2M - Madrid and Artium Museum, Vitoria

Got It For Cheap - David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm and Agnes B, Paris

Seriot - Andén, Barcelona

A Tutiplén - Watdafac, Madrid

La Balada de Wendy Entre d’Autres - ADN Gallery, Barcelona

Days in the Basement - Roser 99, Barcelona 



Sad City - Galeria L&B contemporary art, Barcelona (Solo show) 

Time is Sick - Sade Gallery, Los Angeles (Solo show)



Selfie Corner - Matadero, Center for Contemporary Creation, Madrid (Solo show)

Your Style Is So So - Garros Roland Gallery, Essen (Solo show)

El Refugi - MACBA, Barcelona (Solo show)

Nou Somni - La Puntual Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona (Solo show)

Linia Deliri - Ús Barcelona and Otromba, Budapest (Solo show)