Bertrand Fournier French, b. 1985


Bertrand Fournier (b.1985, Dourdan, France) is a mid-career contemporary visual artist, who is known for his symbolic paintings.


Bertrand Fournier discovered painting by chance in 2016, when his mother gave him an empty frame, so he bought a canvas for his daughter to frame one of her drawings. It is by buying the canvas that he decides to also take one for himself in order to try painting.

Later, being advised by a friend, he posts his work on Instagram to expose his work to the public.


In 2018, the London gallery The Dot Project spotted his work and offered him an exhibition in duet with the American painter David Matthew King. That same year he was also selected by Bertram de Brock of Galerie Patrick de Brock to auction his canvas "The lonely burning sun" via the Paddle8 platform for the support of the Dhondt-Dhaenens Museum in Deurle, Belgium.


He is now represented in Mannheim (Sebastian Fath Contemporary) and London (The Dot Project).


MIMOSA 1, 2021


Méchoui - Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona (Solo show)

Seasons: the wander of looking - Museum Dhondt-Dhaennens,

Platform 6a, Otegem.



Matryoshkas - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim (Solo show)

On & Off - Galeria Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona (Solo show)

YogUrt - The other space, Andersen’s, Copenhagen (Solo show)

Childhood memories - Piermarq, Sydney (Solo show)

Volta NY - Piermarq, New York

ArtParis - Grand Palais, Paris



Golf party - Tick Tack, Antwerp (Solo show)

Happy - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim (Solo show)

Some pieces of my minds - Delphian Gallery, London (Solo show)

Galerientage - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim

Monochrom II - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim

L’invitation - galerie Sabine Bayasli, Paris

Tinta negra - Las formas de la luz, Galeria Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona

Catamaran - TS Studio, London



The game can begin - Zweisieben Gallery, Karlsruhe (Solo show)

Cosmik debris, VSOP project, Greenport

The white show - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim

A return to smooth space - The Dot Project, London

Weiss - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim

Hashtag - Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim

Hide & seek - Arscoco, Madrid



Art cabinet - Arscoco, Madrid

GIFC Vancouver

GIFC Copenhagen