Robuche b. 1991


ROBUCHE, are both graphic designers and artists. They met in 2017 during their Master studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie of Amsterdam and quickly became ROBUCHE, a character born from the fusion of these two forces. Collaboration is at the core of their practice, becoming an entity trying to erase the individuality of the artist. Robuche’s work can be recognisable by his wit, playfulness and boyish honesty. Simple ideas are embraced by an energetic visualisation and are executed as large paintings and posters, typefaces, video installations or performances. Robuche is a quick thinker and gives form to his ideas in unconventional ways. He wants to create a strong confrontation by manipulating the digital while using the analog, and vice versa. Joy plays a very big role in his creative process, and thus is very much connected to empirical, sensitive experiences, which are embodied in multiple layers, creating his own symbology, endless fictional landscapes and characters.


Lines in the flat, 2019