Charles Benjamin Swedish, b. 1989


Charles Benjamin (*1989, Stockholm, Sweden) is a painter based in Bazel.

He often uses his practice to explore personal problems, at once formally documenting and making fun of economical hardship, spiritual depletion, and disbelief in his own ability and the medium itself. His practice apart from painting sometimes branches out in periodical projects such as living without any basic comforts on a gallery floor for two weeks (Being a better person (And Possibly Helping Others), 2016) or sitting under a tree for the time of an average working week (Work/Work Balance, 2017).

If you think this is bad you should see the others II, 2019


NEU EURO MODE - with Paul Ferens, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp (Duo)

Carta a los Corazones Indomitos - Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, Berlin P for Everything, Kunsthalle Lissabon - Lisbon (Solo show)

Nouvelle Vogue - Mommsenastrasse 35, Berlin (Solo show)

This Is W - Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, Berlin



Not Old Not New - Salts, Birsfelden (Solo show)

Me Gusta Pero Me Asusta - with Octavio Garabello, Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, Berlin (Duo)

Pan De Cada Dia, Espacio Falso, Santiago Massage Mattress - New Day Gallery, Berlin



BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS - with Paul Ferens, New Day Gallery, Berlin (Duo)



Being A Better Person (And Possibly Helping Others) - Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, Berlin (Solo show)

System Of Painting That Will Work Forvever Dinner - New Day Gallery, Berlin (Solo show)