Mental: Group Exhibition

30 November 2019 - 11 January 2020
Installation Views

MENTAL is show bring together four young international artist to display a powerful selection of works, most being presented for the first time, in a cohesive dialogue between each others practices.
Tom Volkaet is an Antwerp born and raised artist show works with a unique wildness as he produces his ceramic sculptures. Assigning an important role to coincidence and mistakes in his work, Tom sees the speed with which he chooses to assemble and glaze his ceramics has a symbole of his artistic practice, but also of his generation.
Dodi Espinosa grew up in the Teotihucan region of Mexico, where the historical background and context influenced the basis of his approach to creation, using craft and political engagement. After studying in Spain, Dodi set up his practice in Antwerp where he continues his development as a self taught artist with an independent and out of the box approach to each of his subjects.
Jacopo Pagin is an Italian artist based in Brussels who’s work ranges between painting and performance. Blending abstract elements to skilled classically painted details, his work balances on the line of dreams and reality.
Travis Fish is a Brooklyn based artist who’s Fan Art portraits the like of Atlanta based hip hop group Migos. His playfulness and creativity brought him to exhibit in place like Superzoom (Paris), Kaleidoscope Magazine (New York) and Carl Kostyal (Sweeden). When Travis paints he englobes the entirety of his subject, from their portraits to their cloths, even to their cars. Bringing together a recollection of the iconic celebrities of his time.


Images by Ties Bemelmans