Has Been Alaïa: Group Exhibition curated by Emilie Pischedda

11 October - 23 November 2019
Installation Views

Through a wide selection of pieces, Emilie Pischedda, invited by Boris Devis, takes the viewer into the intimate of the artist. Intermingling at the same time their respective practices to each other, creating bridges, correlations between their different subjects, by this proposal she takes up the challenge of not focusing on the ego, but on the work, on the pieces for what they are, what they add to the world, through their proximities, their similarities and their subjects.

Has Been Alaïa is a group show, a collective exhibition. Because unity is strength, we were going to weave, intertwine and try to establish a certain meaning through the representation that each artist makes of the world, his own, that of the other, those we do not see but that we like to visualize, imagine, invent. A bit like those blind singers in Mexico, who see nothing, but hear everything and sing, and sing again, to embellish the world on their level.


Text by Emilie Pischedda

Images by Ties Bemelmans