Thom Trojanowski British/Polish, b. 1988


Thom Trojanowski (1988 U.K.) is an artist based in Genk. He graduated from the Wimbeldon College of Arts in 2015 and since then he has developed an artistic practice focused on painting. His works often feature mysterious characters and autobiographical elements. Over the more recent years his practise has concentrated on the natural world of which he sends a lot of time submerged in and examines mans impact upon it. Sometimes his paintings go beyond the two dimensional surface to become sculptures or installations.

Smash Hits, 2019
Art Fairs

Thom Trojanowski (1988) b. Kidderminster, United Kingdom



Day Breaks - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (Solo show)

Art Brussels 2022 - Everyday Gallery, Booth E.16, Brussels, Belgium

This Is The Longing - Vonk, Hasselt, Belgium

Paper - Beers  Gallery, London, UK

Dream Baby Dream - Paint Talk, London, UK

Potluck - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium



Tree And Leaf - Hannah Barry, London, UK



Raw Green - Sim Smith, London, UK.

Climbing Black Branches - Kris Day Gallery, London, UK (Solo show)

Paintings On And With Paper - COB Gallery, London, UK



A High Hang - Eccelston Project Space, London, UK

NUDE - Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.

Step Lightly - L21 Gallery, Palma Mallorca (Solo show)

Run Straight Through - Torrence Museum Of Modern Art, Los Angeles, USA

For The Many - The Chopping Block Gallery, London, UK

GROT - The Horse Hospital, London, UK

Hold My Hand While We Jump Off This Cliff - Asylum Studios,

UK (Solo show)

Unboxed - The ArtStation, UK

Nourishment - Guest Projects, London, UK



Dreamin’ Wid - Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Manchester Art Fair - Trade Gallery, Manchester (Solo booth)

The Annotated Reader - The Cork Street Galleries, London, UK

From Sarmatia to Star - The Chopping Block Gallery, London, UK (Solo show)

An Exquisite Mess - India Dickinson Gallery, London, UK

Ipswich Biennial 2018 - Atlas House, Ipswich, UK

28th December 1980 - Asylum Studios, UK

Depict The Mask, CGK - Copenhagen, DK

Canon Dill and Thom Trojanowski - Harpy Gallery, New Jersey,

USA (Duo)

Thom Trojanowski at TRADE Gallery, Nottingham, UK (Solo show)

I Couldn’t Live Here Without You - The Cut, Suffolk, UK (Solo show)

Barrier - ALSO Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



Soft Bodies - Werkartz, Los Angeles, USA

75 Works on Paper - Beers, London

DogPile - Yui Gallery, New York, USA 

Lights Out In Totenham - London (Solo show)

We Are The Ones - Carlesberg, Copenhagen

DUMB - Kris Day, London

Ocotillo - Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia PA, USA

You’re Gonna Be The Best Looking Cowboy In The Whole Parade - Asylum Studios, UK (Solo show)

Snoop III - Asylum Studios, UK 



The Rude Gesture - Kris Day, London, UK

The Talking Lamp - Kennington Residency, London, UK

Figure It Out - The Dot Project, London, UK

John Moores Painting Prize - John Moores Gallery, Liverpool, UK

It’s A Long Way To Florida, KOP Artspace - Antwerp, Belgium (Solo show)



Battersea Park, London, UK 

The Affordable Art Fair - Asylum Studios, Suffolk, UK

Exhibition of Art - Duo show with Stevie Dix, London, UK 

Synaesthesia - Asylum Studios, Suffolk, UK 

Degree show Wimbledon College of Art - Brixton East Gallery, London, UK

Secret 7s, Third Six - India Dickinson Somerset House, London, UK




2012 - 2015

BA Fine Art: Painting - Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK